How Safe is Leicester?

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2nd November 2022

how safe is leicester

When it comes to the question of being a safe city, Leicester has earned a bad reputation over time. Leicester was voted the most dangerous city in Leicestershire according to crimerate. However, we will need to explore this much further to determine whether Leicester is a safe city or not.

How Dangerous Is Leicester?

Many people consider Leicester to be a dangerous place to live. It is, however, difficult to establish how dangerous a location is since various aspects must be taken into account. Based on the number of crimes reported, it may be considered a dangerous city. But what is Leicester’s current crime rate?

We will now compare Leicester’s crime rate to those of other cities in the United Kingdom to see if Leicester is indeed a dangerous city. Let’s look at some crime statistics.

Does Leicester Have A High Crime Rate?

Compared to the national crime rate average, Leicester has a high crime rate. According to plumplot, its national crime rate is 111% which is quite high for a city with a lower population. Leicester sees an average of 12% increase in violent crime per year.

What Is The Crime Rate In Leicester?

Leicester has reported reasonably high numbers of crime in the last few years. For every 1000 people, Leicester reports around 111 crimes.

However, if you compare this to other major cities, you could determine say Leicester is safe. Comparing to citites like Leeds and Manchester, with similar population sizes as Leicester, they report on average 150 crimes per 1000 people.

What Is The Most Common Crime in Leicester?

Leicester reported over 41000 crimes over the course of 2021. This on average isn’t a statistic that should scare travelers as crime occurs everywhere in the UK and this is a reasonable average number for a major city. Although, what is the most common crime in Leicester?

From the data, you can see that by far the most common crime in Leicester is violence and sexual offences with over 20,400 crimes.


Crime Crime Count
Violence and Sexual Offences 20,440
Public Order 6,670
Anti-Social Behaviour 4,964
Other Theft 3,492
Vehicle Crime 2,659
leicester crime

Leicester’s Nicest Areas To Live in

In Leicester, there are several areas that could either be defined as nice or terrible. There are, however, some really attractive areas in Leicester that are excellent places to live and have low crime rates. Here are Leicester’s safest areas to live in;

As you can see, spinney hill road has been voted the safest area to live in. Although the crime count, is higher than others, the average amount of crimes per population is lower than in any other area in Leicester.


Area Crime Count Crimes Per 1000 People
Spinney Hill Road 723 51
Knighton 359 51
Crown Hills 518 52
Evington 499 60
Belgrave North East 531 64

Leicester’s Most Dangerous Places To Live

As with any large town, some areas have a bad reputation more than others. We will be overlooking Leicester’s most dangerous area;

As you can see, Leicester city centre is the most dangerous area to live in. It reports high numbers of crimes due to larger crowds in the city and there are more urban areas in the city, which in most major cities in the UK, is where crime occurs the most.

Area Crimes Count Crimes per 1000 People
Leicester City Centre 5,382 465
New Parks & Stokeswood 1,452 180
West End & Westcotes 2,595 176
Aylestone North & Saffron Fields 1,095 166
Braunstone Park West 1,148 164



Although Leicester has areas that do report high numbers of crime, it is voted a safe city to live in. As with ever UK city, crime can’t be avoided, and as with Leicester, it reports lower numbers than most cities with a similar population.

We do recommend if you are thinking of moving to or visiting an area in Leicester, then you check out the current and most relevant crime statistics for caution.

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