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A Dive Into Gloucester’s History

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Gloucester is a booming English town in the south west of England, sitting at around a population of around 150,000, how did it grow to be such a pivotal hub of commerce that it is today? Well as Region Security Guarding prides itself on keeping British businesses safe, we thought we would delve into some of the history of one of our most cherished cities.

Gloucester began from humble beginnings as a simple Roman settlement, fortified as it was in an ideal defensive position with the River Severn being so close. In 407 AD they decided to leave the location which left it abandoned and desolate for hundreds of years.

In the late 7th century, Gloucester once more started to slowly come back to life as traders and workers came to join and bolster the growing city. It was at this point it was starting to grow considerably, one writer even noted it to be “one of the noblest cities in the kingdom”.

Fast forward 200 years and a collection of fortified towns came together to form a burgh, in the event of an attack, all men from the towns would assemble in the burgh and ward off the attackers. This came to fruition when the Danes attacked and the population of Gloucester managed to defeat them.

William the Conqueror arrived in Gloucester in 1085 where it was ordered that the Domesday Book be written, it is suspected that Gloucester had a population of around 3,500 by the middle ages. This was deemed to be a fairly large town at the time, being ranked the 10th wealthiest town in England.

In Medieval Gloucester, the primary source of trade and income was making wool, whilst this was also supplemented by the leather trade as there were tanners and craftsmen, wool still dominated throughout this era.

This wool and leather trade didn’t last forever as in the early 15th century, Gloucester entered a long economic depression. Competition from other towns in wool production it most likely to blame for this issue. This economic depression lasted for hundreds of years, the wool trade continuing to decline and as most places in England did at the time, plague started to become rampant in the 16th and 17th century.

After this decay and misery, Gloucester was seen to be a lot less important than it had previously established itself to be. It still held a modest population of around 4,000 but at the time this was nothing revolutionary. However, pin making boomed in this era, something Gloucester sorely needed due to the lack of a healthy wool and cloth industry. To make matters worse, Gloucester sided poorly in the civil war, picking parliament over the king when they were situation amongst a large portion of royalists. This didn’t sit well and the kings army laid siege into Gloucester, whilst they suffered heavy casualties, they held out and the royalist retreated upon news that a parliamentary arm was coming.

In the 18th century, the final nail was put in the coffin of the wool industry, leaving room for pin making to flourish as an industry. This meant in the 19th century Gloucester was able to improve it’s conditions considerably, gaining gas lighting, a dispensary where the poor could obtain free medicines and a piped water supply. Through hell and high water, Gloucester had made it back from the brink, pin making being the primary commerce, employing 20% of all inhabitants of Gloucester.

All of this progress saw a boom in population, by 1851 Gloucester had a population of around 17,000, by the end of the century barely 50 years later, the population sat at 47,000.

The 20th century saw much of the same growth Gloucester had been receiving the past 100 years, spreading out to Tuffley, Wotton, Hucclecote and Longlevens. Electricity was established in 1900 and in 1904 horse drawn trams were replaces by electric ones, which were then in turn replace by buses in 1929. Several more establishments opened such as a museum to Beatrix Potter and the Eastgate shopping center, leading more and more to the Gloucester we know and love today.

To this day, Gloucester is a thriving city sat at around 128,000 residents and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

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