What is Derby’s violent crime rate?

Worryingly, Derby’s violent crime has had an intense increase over the course of the last 12 months; studies imply that it has rose by a fierce 29%. Violence makes up 30.5% of all crimes reported in Derby, which is the equivalent to a barbarous 35,500 violent cases over a 1 year period. The number of serious crimes involving weapons or other sharp objects is at its highest level for any single year since 2011.

How is the Derby Police dealing with the rapid rise in violent crime?

Understandingly, many residents worry about their safety and rely on the police to deter violent crime within the area. Derbyshire Police have announced that they plan to tackle violence with new targeted patrols and knife sweeps in public places; sweeps have taken place in parks and public places in Derby and dozens of schools have been visited to warn young people of the dangers of carrying a blade.

The Derbyshire Police also provide Safer Neighbourhood Teams in every area that are dedicated to facing local problems, including anti-social behaviour. Locals can phone their nearest team or contact them at a local police station.

Has the Derby City Council announced any plans on tackling violence?

Derby City Council highlight that their Anti-Social Behaviour Team work with the police and other organisations to deal with people who commit anti-social behaviour and to prevent it from happening again. There is a dedicated Victim and Witness Support Officer for people who need extra help and support.

Moreover, the council have launched a campaign titled “Project Zao” which aims to discourage young people in the city from carrying knives by a series of activities that will educate, prevent and enforce the consequences of doing so. In addition, they have worked with schools across the borough to evoke the dangers of knife crime and educate young people about the consequences of carrying a weapon.

Despite Derby’s alarming escalation in violent knife malfeasances, procedures have been placed to protect citizens and attempt to subtract felony figures. If you’ve witnessed any crime or fell victim to violence, do not hesitate to report it as it will help the police to track the offender, give you justice and make sure it doesn’t occur to anyone else. You can contact the police through their website or by giving them a call.