London has the highest rate of robbery offences in all of the UK, with 3.7 people having being robbed per 1,000 people. London also has the second highest rate of theft offences, this is most likely due to its large population and it being a capital city.


Durham is another one of the more dangerous places to live in England due to it having the second highest rate of criminal damage and arson offences, with 16.2 per 1,000 people being a victim of such crimes.


Excluding fraud, Manchester has the highest rate of total recorded crime in 2018, this includes victim-based crimes and crimes against society such as drug offences and possession of offensive weaponry.

Manchester’s robbery rate is particularly high, with 2.5 in every 1000 people being a victim of it, this rate is beaten only be London and the West Midlands. On top of this, Manchester ranked fourth for sexual offences and fifth for criminal damage and arson.

West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire’s rate of violence was second highest only to Kent, with 35.7 violent crimes occurring per 1,000 people, residents of West Yorkshire are the third most likely of all to be victims of both sexual offences and theft offences.

While West Yorkshire doesn’t have the highest crime rate in any specific category, the total figures show it to be one of the most dangerous areas in all of England and Wales.


This North Wales seaside town is said to be one of the most violent and deprived areas in England and Wales. Violent crime and sexual offences have been rising ever since 2016, which indicates that there is lots of work to be done to make the area safer.