Do You Need To Have Construction Site Security In 2021?
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3rd May 2021

What is Construction Site Security?

Do You Need To Have Construction Site Security In 2021? Well, criminals often target construction sites as they contain expensive equipment and materials. A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building found that over 21% of sites were affected by theft on a weekly basis, while over 90% of sites had been impacted by petty theft. Construction site security ensures that these goods are protected, saving construction companies thousands of pounds, giving them peace of mind. Site security can include the installation of CCTV cameras and physical guard patrols. Security companies can attend the construction site and carry out a risk assessment where they can identify the areas of your construction site that are vulnerable to break-ins and safety issues.

What Safety Regulations or Rules Need to be Followed on a Construction Site?

Construction Site Security Requirements

Owners of construction sites should ensure that a strict list of rules is followed to ensure the safety of workers, contractors and visitors to the site, as well as members of the public. Rules should be clear and easy to understand. They should range from essential health and safety advice such as no smoking and wearing personal protective equipment to more significant operations such as traffic management systems and emergency arrangements. When it comes to site security, some areas of the construction site may be restricted, and it is important to enforce this in order to keep staff safe.

It is vital that any health and safety rules or security rules and warning signs are translated into different languages if the site employs non-speaking English workers to make sure there is an understanding across the whole site.

There should also be a secure check-in and check out process on construction sites so that the company is aware of who is on the building site at all points. This is essential in case of emergencies such as fire evacuations.

Construction Site Security Laws

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive state that all building site security require measures to manage access across defined boundaries and steps to exclude unauthorised people. The reason for this is that each year vulnerable members of the public such as children gain access to construction sites which can result in severe injury or even death. Construction sites, therefore, are required by law to keep their boundaries secure.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Act from 2007 focused on making construction sites safe for both members of the public and site workers. It indicated that sites needed fencing or similar structures around their boundary to ensure public safety and an organised site to reduce worker accidents. Security for the site to protect this perimeter should also be considered.

21% of sites were affected by theft on a weekly basis, while over 90% of sites had been impacted by petty theft

What Are the Most Important Safety Rules in Construction?

The most important safety rules are rules which protect people. For construction workers, this may mean wearing protective equipment and hard hats to try and reduce the likelihood of injury if an accident does happen.

To protect the public, the most important safety rules are linked to the laws listed above and should focus on keeping the public out of the construction site. This is where construction site security comes in.

Who Needs Construction Site Security?

Construction site security is vital for any site as they keep workers and members of the public safe. With such high instances of theft on construction sites, any site is a target. Security can include a number of different approaches, and security companies can advise on the best security plan for your particular site.

CCTV is a great way to monitor movements in and around your construction site and can also catch criminals on camera if a crime is committed. CCTV can be monitored by a security team, who can respond to any suspicious circumstances. Regular patrols can deter criminals from targeting the construction site in the first place, saving site owners money as they will not have to replace stolen items or repair any damage.

Construction sites should also consider hiring a security company to assess their on-site security, allowing them to identify any potential security breaches. This will then allow businesses to improve their security procedures.

In 2021, when sites may be quieter due to lockdowns or social distancing measures, security could not be more important as empty sites are more of a target than busy ones.


While investing in security services for a construction site does come with an initial cost, it can actually end up saving the company money in the long run as they do not have to replace expensive stolen goods or repair any damages due to vandalism.  Security services give businesses peace of mind as they can be confident that their construction site is well protected, and CCTV can capture evidence of any incidents that do occur. Ultimately, the most crucial aspect of site security is safety – the safety of the construction works and the safety of members of the public.

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