The Top 9 Benefits of CCTV Security
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28th October 2021

Recent years have seen CCTV security increasingly becoming ubiquitous, with at least 25 million units currently operating worldwide. There are over 4 million in the United Kingdom alone, which is unsurprising given how it’s known for having more cameras per head of population than any other country. But what are the advantages of CCTV?

Without a doubt, the popularity of CCTV cameras is due to their effectiveness. Research has shown that they’re incredibly helpful at deterring crime, particularly in public places like car parks and shopping centers. They’re also regarded as instrumental in preventing burglaries, home invasions, and robberies.

But what else are its other advantages? Well, here are the top 9 benefits of CCTV security cameras.

1. Deter internal theft

The first advantage of CCTV, is deterring internal theft. In England and Wales, there have been at least 5.16 thousand employee thefts recorded since last year. Despite these staggering figures, internal theft often goes unnoticed, mainly because the majority of owners, managers, and bosses prefer to believe that the people they’ve hired are nothing but loyal to the company.

This issue should be taken more seriously, though, given the damage that thieving workers can cause a business, no matter the amount they steal. Besides a significant decrease in revenue, their actions can also negatively impact a brand and cause lower employee morale.

To eliminate your blind spot, install CCTV cameras all over the premises. Not only will this keep a watchful eye over the security of your entire business, but it also deters your employees from stealing.

    2. Prevents burglaries and robberies

    The second benefit of CCTV is that cameras can prevent burglaries and provide valuable visual evidence if an incident does occur. In England and Wales, there has been over 267 burglaries recorded since last year. And while CCTV security won’t prevent all crime, research has shown that a significant number of burglars won’t target a home if there are noticeable cameras. These become more effective when paired with other tools, such as bright outdoor lighting, a roaming neighborhood watch, and indications of alarms. It’s clear that investing in a CCTV security system is worthwhile if you’re worried about your home being targeted by burglars.

    3. Helps in collecting evidence

    The authorities often make use of footage collected from security cameras to solve crimes. For instance, out of all the crimes that occurred on the British railway network between 2011 and 2015, CCTV was available to investigators in 45% of cases and deemed useful in 29%. Thanks to this evidence, the chances of crime being solved by the British Transport Police were significantly increased.

    Additionally, technological advancements have made it easier for the authorities to comb through hours of CCTV footage. This indicates that security cameras are regarded as a valuable tool by law enforcement.

    4. Prevents workplace violence

    Unfortunately, violence in the workplace is becoming more and more widespread. In the United Kingdom alone, recent data published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that more than 600,000 incidents of such took place in the country in 2020. Of these, 389,000 were threats while a disturbing 299,000 involved physical assault.

    Health and safety specialists CE Safety also found that out of 2,700 workers surveyed, 88% claimed to have experienced verbal abuse. Additionally, 60% had been threatened by a customer, while 9% had been subjected to assault.

    Besides your premises and business assets, security cameras protect your employees, as well, since footage of them being threatened or abuse can be used by the relevant authorities.

    5. Surveys private or sensitive areas

    Most businesses have private or sensitive places that are off-limits to unauthorized persons. For instance, retail stores restrict access to the area behind the cashier’s counter, while chefs will do everything to secure their recipe locker from prying eyes. These kinds of locations will undoubtedly benefit from security cameras.

    Given how fierce competition has become, businesses must invest in the latest technology to protect their trade secrets. Among the many ways that they can do so is by installing a CCTV security system.

    6. Ensures customer satisfaction

    Regardless of what industry it belongs in, a business will only be successful if it manages to satisfy its customers. However, ensuring this is impossible since you can’t be on the premises at all times to check whether every person that comes in leaves only when they’ve fulfilled their needs and wants.

    A CCTV security system will enable you to do just that, though. Not only can you watch the premises remotely, but the recorded footage can also be used to evaluate an employee’s performance or the merits of a particular stock. In short, installing cameras will allow you to increase the quality of service that your business provides to customers.

    7. Protects against fake liability lawsuits

    Unfortunately, many people try to take advantage of the legal system by filing fake liability lawsuits against companies. These can come in the form of deliberately slipping on the ground, claiming that an intentionally damaged product was defective, and placing unwanted substances on their food but later saying that they had found it during the meal.

    As frivolous as these lawsuits are, some of them end up costing companies a ton of money. To make sure that yours is protected, install a CCTV security system on areas frequented by customers, such as the main shop floor and the bathrooms. This way, you can easily prove your version of events when people claim that your business caused them a ton of physical, emotional, or financial damage.

    8. Curbs or eliminate sexual harassment

    Thanks to the #MeToo movement, the public discourse surrounding workplace sexual harassment has become louder. Policies that aim to address it have gained widespread support, while victims are no longer doubted or hushed up. However, despite these massive steps forward, employees and customers alike still crave a sense of safety, which is exactly what a CCTV security system gives.

    Besides preventing potential offenders from abusing another offender, footage captured by security cameras can also be used by a victim if they wish to take legal action against the perpetrator. Those who have been falsely accused of sexual harassment can also use them to prove their side of the story.

    9. Improved home insurance rates

    Security cameras are usually associated with businesses; however, even residential areas can benefit from them. As previously mentioned, they reduce a homeowner’s chances of being targeted by a burglar. Not only will this decrease their insurance rate on the property, but it also means that the provider won’t find it easy to question or refuse their claim.

    To add to that, a CCTV security system provides evidence in case the property owner needs to file a claim for damaged or stolen assets. This would be instrumental in ensuring that they receive all that’s owed to them. The benefits of home CCTV far outweigh the cons, so we would definitely recommend looking into installing them for your home.

    Worried about your safety and security?

    Nowadays, worrying about one’s safety and security is no longer regarded as an overreaction. Rather, people are willing to invest in the latest technologies to ensure that they, their loved ones, their properties, and their assets are protected at all times.

    If you want to avoid excessively worrying, though, then installing a CCTV security system would be your best option. Besides allowing you peace of mind, it also gives you an added layer of protection in case law enforcement needs to be involved. Check out our ‘Can CCTV be hacked?‘ article with video, to find out more about how to keep safe! As well as all our other CCTV news and info here.

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