Health and Safety Policy  – Region Security Guarding accepts and follows all the responsibilities our employees are entitled to. We try our best to create the safest environment at all times. As an organisation, we prioritise Health and Safety concerns so everyone that is a part of our team are content.

Environmental Policy –Region Security Guarding aims to provide services with the least amount of environmental damage caused. We aim to prevent any damage and we try to raise awareness of environmental issues caused by our activities.

Equality & Diversity Policy – Region Security Guarding aims to create an equal and a friendly environment where our employees do not have to face any kind of discrimination or harassment. We personally make sure everyone are given equal opportunities and are treated fairly. Region Security Guarding always complies with the UK legislations.

Recruitment Policy – Region Security Guarding are committed to providing and giving equal opportunity for employees to gain and secure a job role. We always make sure the employees are fully qualified for their role and are the most suitable for it, providing the best service we can to our clients.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy – Region Security Guarding follows the CSR policy to the best ability to maintain our core business value. We make sure that we are always meeting our goals and expectations while also providing the most efficient and reliable services.

Customer Care Policy  – Region Security Guarding aim to provide the best and the most reliable customer care. Our aim is to provide efficient and reliable services at all times.